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Day 289: Iggy Pop – Lust for Life

14 Dec

Some Weird Sin

Wait, what?  I’m confused.  I’m still not entirely sure of what I just listened to.  This is a record by Iggy Pop, the guy from The Stooges.  That’s the band that I listened to way back in June, that one that I absolutely couldn’t stand.  If I remember correctly, which I by no means guarantee, Fun House is a fairly average and boring straight-up punk rock record.  I didn’t take very kindly to it, and approached this Iggy Pop solo effort with caution.  The recommendation was even suffixed with “nothing like The Stooges,” but I was still fairly apprehensive.  I really shouldn’t have been.

Lust for Life really is nothing like Fun House.  While Iggy Pop’s love for punk music is still evident, it’s not nearly the dominating force that it is on The Stooges’ work to which I’ve been exposed.  In fact, Iggy plays around with a whole bunch of genres throughout the album—at one point, I’m pretty sure he even kind of gives soul a try.

Often, records that bounce all over the place musically just don’t work—It can be hard for bands and artists to really dive in and get deep into their own style if they keep jumping around from sound to sound.  However, with Lust for Life, Iggy proves that the good record with inconsistent and differing sounds is not completely impossible to pull off.  I just have one thing to point out: whether it’s Iggy Pop or Jack White, songs about sixteen-year-old girls are creepy.