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Day 172: Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

19 Aug

Out There on the Ice

Hahaha I love it when Australians use unnecessary u’s.  This band should have been named Cuuuuuut Coupy.

 Yes, I’m writing at one in the morning again, how’d you guess?  You ready for a flashback to mid July?  Because I’m sure that the quality of this post will be at that leveul.

Catchy.  As.  Hell.  In Ghost Colouuuuurs kicks a lot of ass, in my humble opinion.  As good as it’s been so far, though, it’s got a length of 50+ minutes.  Staying up through this one may prove to be a challenge.

 Anyway, I picked this record because people cannot shut up about how awesome Cut Copy is.  They’re playing a show in September, so I figured I’d give a record of their’s a listen before I decide if I will be attending or not.  That has proven to be unneeded.

This Cut Copy show will be a dance party of awesomness, and I think a familiarity with the material will prove to be unnecessary.  While this is definitely indie-approved and hipster-friendly, it is without a doubt dance music.  Echoy vocals, sick beats, and reverby synths bounce all over the place, coming together to make a fun, easy-to-listen-to sound.

I’m really glad that Amurricans dropped that whole extra “u” thing.  It just looks silly.  C’mon, rest of the English-speaking world, there are some things that we got right. Screw the metric system.

 I’m about to die of exhaustion.  It has been nice writing to y’all. Real nice.  For serious.  250.