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Day 260: The J. Geils Band – Nightmares…and Other Tales from the Vinyl Jungle

15 Nov

Funky Judge

It’s Dad Rock Tuesday yet again, and I’m a little confused.  I was led to believe that there would be the harmonica this week.  Where is the harmonica?  Last Dad Rock Tuesday, I was all like “the harmonica on this record is pretty cool,” so my dad was all “I’ve got you on the harmonica next week bro” but now it’s next week and the harmonica is nowhere to be found.  I am fairly disappointed with this lack of the harmonica.

I mean, there are horns on this record, which are okay I guess. You do put your mouth to them and blow and then sound comes out, but they’re still not the harmonica that I really want.

There are a few tracks on this record that go crazy with the harmonica, and those are awesome, but those don’t make up nearly a big enough percentage of this record. Many other tracks use the harmonica, but they aren’t even in your face about it.  Those songs are all like “oh you want the harmonica? Okay, we’ll give you the harmonica,” but they were actually trolling me because they gave me the harmonica, but it was all soft and subtle and not in your face and all just blending in with the melody and I was all like “songs, why you messing with me?”

But I should have been all like “dad why you messing with me?”  It’s his fault.  This record didn’t come out with the goal of satisfying a dude’s craving for the harmonica more than 40 years after its release.

So J. Geils Band, we’re cool.  You’ve got a pretty cool sound, even though your incorporation of the harmonica is a little lackluster on most songs on this particular record.

Lord, how I wish I could write like that errday.