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Day 253: The Kinks – Kinks

8 Nov

You Really Got Me

It’s Dad Rock Tuesday (well, Wednesday I guess, but never you mind) once again, and this week, I’m fairly impressed.  I’ll be honest, The Kinks’ self-titled debut kind of rocks.  For an album that was released during the same year as my father (1964), this album still has a fair bit of magic.  It’s also clear that The Kinks’ sound serves as an inspiration for a few of today’s rock bands.

Many Dad Rock Tuesdays find me hating on an album that no longer sounds modern, and has lost most (or all) of its relevance.  Surprisingly, while this near-ancient record could never be referred to as relevant, it’s The Kinks’ old-school rock ‘n roll sound that draws me to it.  Perhaps it’s because this is a style of music that I really enjoy, or because many current buzzbands are emulating its sound.  I’d say that it’s a mixture of both that makes this record appealing to a jaded fan of modern rock music.

The Kinks also have something that most up-and-coming rock bands are missing.  Crazy-good harmonica riffs are all over this album, and I can’t get enough.  More bands really should start using this wonderful instrument, but only if they’re good.  Nothing can ruin a song like some obnoxious harmonica playing.  But there’s none of that to be found on this album, as every song featuring a bit of harmonica gets yet another layer of awesome added to it.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this record, but The Kinks’ debut has managed to age fairly well in its four-plus decades of existence.