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Day 71: Joe Jackson – Look Sharp!

10 May

Is She Really Going Out With Him?

For some reason, my dad picked Joe Jackson’s 1979 album, Look Sharp!, for Dad-Rock Tuesday this week.  Don’t ask me why.

It’s never a good thing when I start zoning out during an album.  When the statuses of my moronic friends on Facebook, and their ever-increasing misuse of the hash tag become more interesting then what I’m listening to, well, #yrdoingitwrong.

Joe Jackson maintained my attention at first.  One More Time is a pretty catchy song.  After that, though, mainly when Is She Really Going Out With Him? came on, any interest that I had faded completely.  I cannot stand that song.

I should love this record.  I mean, it ends in an exclamation point, and there’s not much that I love more than unconventional punctuation.  Not even an unexpected sentence-ender could save this record for me, though.

If you couldn’t tell from the short, choppy paragraphs, I’m struggling with this.  I just checked my word count, and I still have 100 words to go before I reach the target of 250.  Well, make that 80 with that last sentence. Down to 72 now.  Yes.  #progress.

So now all I have left to write about is the music.  If you’re one of my three regular readers, you’ll know by now that I’m not very good at that.  So my only hope is that I can use enough words before I really have to do that.  I mean, I’m getting pretty close. 250 isn’t that many when it comes to words.