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Day 356: Discovery – LP

19 Feb

So Insane

Discovery is a band that’s been popping up on my radar (The SwoleDar™) for quite a while now. And I’ve ignored them for 356 days—I was afraid that I would actually like their music.  That fear has been both confronted and realized tonight.

Let me explain.

Discovery is made up of Rostam Batmanglij and Wes Miles.  Now, those two names might not mean very much to you, but what if I informed you that the Batman is the keyboardist for Vampire Weekend, and Wes the vocalist of Ra Ra Riot? Let me explain some more …Vampire Weekend is one of the most loved/hated “indie” bands out there; adored for their infectious, east-coastish guitar pop, and despised for their music’s monotony, poor production/execution, and preppy aura.  I’ve never listened to a Ra Ra Riot record, but I’ve been told that they’re up there with VW in terms of loatheability.

Really, it was inevitable that the guy responsible for the keyboard piece in “Wolcott,” plus the singer of stuff like this, when paired together, would make anything but some extremely catchy summertime jams. I wouldn’t have predicted that they would go in an R&B, almost funky direction, but the dudes make it work surprisingly well.

Replay-wise, I can’t imagine that this album will get any more than two or three additional spins out of me.  In the vein of Vampire Weekend, a lot of the tracks sound almost identical, and don’t have nearly enough substance to land on any GOAT lists of mine. Sometimes that’s not what matters, though—sometimes we just need catchy.

Day 77: Holy Fuck – LP

16 May


Well, at least they’re up front with you.  The main reaction that I had while listening to this record was in fact “holy fuck.”  Other reactions included “what the hell is going on?,” “what am I hearing?,” “mommy, make it stop,”   and “wait, this is actually kind of good.”

It’s hard for me to judge bands like Holy Fuck.  They’re a group that does their own thing, and doesn’t conform to any of the standards of typical music, which can be both a good and bad thing.  Holy Fuck doesn’t let a preconceived idea of what is or isn’t “music” take control.  So on one side, this stuff should score some major points with me because it’s so original, but that’s no reason to love a band.  Sure, originality is great, but sometimes no one has done it before for a reason.  Believe it or not, it’s harder than it should be to tell the difference between the natural evolution of music, and just plain stupidity.

So I’ve only got one thing to go off of with Holy Fuck: do I like the way it sounds?  After giving the cleverly named LP one listen, I think the answer is yes.

Holy Fuck’s goal is simple: make electronic music without today’s equipment.   I interpret that as meaning one thing: “no laptops.” The band employs everything from ancient keyboards to toy phaser guns in making their strange, danceable sounds. When it comes down to it, even though I’ve never really heard anything quite like it before, LP is kind of awesome.