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Day 351: Mott The Hoople – All the Young Dudes

14 Feb

All the Young Dudes

Happy Valentine’s Day!  In honor of this most ridonkulous holiday, we will be exploring…wait for it…Mott The Hoople’s All The Young Dudes.

Believe me, I’m just as confused as you are by this one.  It is Dad Rock Tuesday, though, and I’m not going to question the man’s fatherly wisdom.  While it is completely possible that he didn’t realize this week’s pick would fall on the V-Day, I like to think that every selection of his comes after a week of research and deep thought.

Maybe, by picking such a blasé and unspectacular rock record, he’s acknowledging the derp-tasticness of this holiday.  There we go—that’s what I’ll go with. Keep in mind, this album was chosen by the man who inspired me to make a duct tape-covered card receptacle with “Valentine’s Day is a corporate scam” written on the top when I was in third grade.

Anyway, after listening to this record, I’d give you one chance to guess which song was written by David Bowie.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you would go with “All The Yong Dudes.”  Don’t kid yourself; there is a reason that this song was made the title track.  In a sea of dull and downright stupid lyrics (the first lines of the song following “Dudes” are “hi there / your friendly neighborhood sadist / wanna take you for a ride”), “All The Young Dudes” is a song that stands out both lyrically and instrumentally.

If you’re looking for another boring rock record from the ’70s, give this one a try.  Swaggin’ Heart Day, y’all.