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Day 247: MSTRKRFT – Fist of God

2 Nov

1,000 Cigarettes 

Yes, that is in fact one of the worst album covers of all time. While Ken still holds the title, this cover is up there, without a doubt.  But it’s not just that awful cover that made me throw up in my mouth a little.  The fact that this record is titled Fist of God adds even more tackiness to a record that could already win any traction contest it entered.  (Get it? Really tacky things have a lot of traction…oh never mind).

Despite the god-awful artwork, I figured that I owed this album a listen.  It was made in part by Death From Above 1979’s bass player—that band’s non-douchebag half—and would supposedly help satisfy my recent craving  for harder dance music. MSTRKRFT’s Fist of God is proof (in the flesh [I am such a funny guy]) that you can’t judge an album by its cover.

I’ve been writing a lot lately about music with a lack of substance, and that ain’t about to change.  Yeah, this record’s got no substance, but it is one of the catchiest things that I’ve ever heard.  And while it may not have the staying power of a soulful record like Justice’s , there’s no doubt that the tracks on this album will be making people dance for years to come.  The beats are what some would call “bangin’,” the songs are under the 4-minute ADD mark for the most part, and the various synths and whatnot all sound pretty cool.  Do I ever need to listen to this album again? No.  Did I have fun while listening to it?  Absolutely.