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Day 183: Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove

30 Aug

One Nation Under A Groove

It was only a matter of time.  This week’s Dad-Rock Tuesday will discuss Funkadelic’s One Nation Under A Groove. 

 My father went to high school on the south side of Chicago during the late 70s and early 80s.  Therefore, he listened to funk.  A lot of it, from what I’ve heard.  As a 21st century white teenager from a Chicago suburb, I do not listen to funk.  At all.

It’s not that I haven’t tried, though.  This is not the first time that my father has attempted to get me into this genre.  Parliament’s Motor Booty Affair has had many spins (it’s on vinyl, I’m allowed to use that terminology) in the Swole household.  I just don’t get this stuff.

To this day, I still have trouble with describing funk.  Remember that Beach Fossils post I wrote a while back?  No?  Well then you should click that link, brah.  While Beach Fossils’ “music” hardly resembles funk, I do have the same problems with both that record and this Funkadelic one.  And for some reason, all that I could think of was Beach Fossils when One Nation was playing.  They’re both boring, extremely repetitive, and most tracks go on for two minutes too long.

This music is dated; that’s what it comes down to.  Had I been around when One Nation came out, who knows what I’d think of it.  I’ve been conditioned to like a faster, shorter and much less repetitive sound.  Whether that’s a bad thing or not, I’ll leave up to you.