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Day 360: Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It

23 Feb

All Waters

Some things never change.  360 days through a yearlong life-changing musical experience, and I’m still bending to the will of Gareth Campesinos.  What can I say?  When you’re the lead singer of my favorite band, you’re going to have a little power over the music that I check out.

I must say he’s got a pretty good track record so far.  I’ve fallen in love with Johnny Foreigner, Dananananaykroyd (RIP), and The Beautiful South, all at his (indirect) suggestion. Plus, Slow Club is pretty good too.  His only outright miss has been with Tim Hecker, whose music is still just 2deep4me.  He’s done so well that I didn’t hesitate to check out the new (misleadingly-titled) Perfume Genius album, Put Your Back N 2 It.

The thing is, there isn’t too much to put yr back n 2.  This record barely has any percussion, let alone dance-floor-filling beats, and Mike Hadreas’ dreamy-but-tortured vocals certainly aren’t going to get the bodies moving.  The problem is that I went into this expecting a Sleigh Bells level of energy, but got something more like The Antlers.

Even with an unfulfilled urge to boogie raging inside of me, I can’t bring myself to hate on Hadreas and his music.  This stuff is good.  Really good.  Sure, it’s sad as hell, but damn, with a Youth Lagoon level of dreaminess, minus the goofy synths and nostalgia, plus a massive sense of urgency, y’all shouldn’t pass up Put Your Back N 2 It, no matter how bad that name is.  Gareth knows all.