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Day 119: Radiohead – OK Computer

27 Jun

The Tourist

Let’s go back to August 5, 2008.  It is the first day of Lollapalooza, featuring Jack White’s Raconteurs and Thom York’s Radiohead with their own respective headlining spots.  This is back when Lollapalooza was semi-capable of putting decent schedules together, so they had The Raconteurs close out the Budweiser stage—the second biggest—early, giving Radiohead an unopposed slot on the massive AT&T stage.  What did my dad and I do?  Well, we got as close as possible for The Raconteurs, being the Gillis fanboys that we are, and then left.  All we heard of Radiohead was the first few seconds of their opening song as we walked away from Grant Park.  On our way out, we passed people going into the festival for the first time that day.  We’re so hipster, we effing skipped Radiohead.

Does that make us “hipster,” though?  I’ve always believed that it just means we had common sense.  I can now confirm this opinion as cold hard fact after actually listening to a Radiohead record.

Radiohead is on the biggest pedestal imaginable in the indie rock world.  In the land of the jaded and unimpressible, the Thom York is king.  I’ve never understood why.  The songs that I’ve heard have been mediocre at best, like a less anthemic Muse.  Who wants that?  Muse is great because of its over-the-top-fight-the-power-capitalism-sucks-buy-our-major-label-releases insanity.  Take that away, and you’ve just got really boring, whiny, space rock.  You’ve got Radiohead.

Maybe I’m missing something in OK Computer.  Maybe I am dumber than all of you, and it’s going right over my head.  I doubt it though.  What I really think is going on is that all of you just suck. LUMI.