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Day 143: Starfucker – Reptilian

21 Jul


Feel good music always has the potential to go horribly wrong.   That over-the-top cheesy happiness is really hard to pull off well, and can come off as insincere very easily.  Making an upbeat synth pop record is risky because of this.  Unless it’s great, it’s going to be pretty much universally hated.  I had all of this in mind before I started listening to Starfucker’s Reptilian.  I was a little nervous, for obvious reasons—I didn’t want to subject myself to 40 or so minutes of cheesy crap-pop.

Fortunately, that didn’t end up happening.  Starfucker knows what the hell it’s doing.

If you like catchy music, have I got the album for you.  There are more hooks in this record than a bait shop, and most of the time, they’re less cheesy than this very sentence.  So essentially, you have the awesome catchiness that comes out of pop music, without the guilt—you can still maintain your hipster cred.

Let’s talk about that band name, too.  Regardless of how it’s interpreted, it oozes pure badass.  Personally, I think it refers to intercourse with celestial bodies, which is about as hardcore as one can hope to get.

Anyway, I guess the important thing is the music.  Think MGMT with the production and bad turned down a bit.  At points, it almost becomes calm enough to enter the chillwave spectrum, but most of the time, it’s fairly fast and danceable.  This is feel-good indie pop at its finest, and sometimes, that’s exactly what you need.