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Day 279: SebastiAn – Total

4 Dec


…but I won’t.

Yup, that’s a dude making out with himself.  In fact, that’s the man behind this record making out with himself.  SebastiAn has to do a lot of things (like throw a random uppercase letter in his moniker), to generate buzz, because his music sure isn’t going to do it for him.

This is another French electro-house artist (in the vein of Justice and Daft Punk) making music that just doesn’t live up to what  inspired it.  There are a few reasons for this failure that plenty of other critics have already touched on since Total’s release over the summer.  Some claim that this is a dying genre, one that peaked five years ago, and others say the songs on this record just don’t pack a punch.  While both of those criticisms have some merit, I feel that one important factor has been overlooked: SebastiAn does not know how to put an album together.

Why is Justice’s one of the most beloved electronic albums in recent history? It’s brilliant as a record.  It flows beautifully from start to finish, and every single song has a purpose.  Take out any single track, and would lose something huge.  With 22 tracks, SebastiAn’s Total goes way past the point of listenability.  The gems (and there are a few) lose all of their power because they’re buried under tracks like Motor, which samples an engine revving and switching gears for four minutes.

Fans may argue that Total isn’t meant to be listened to as a whole; that this is dance music, meant to be heard in a club in much smaller, non-consecutive chunks.  That’s fine, but then why even bother releasing it?

When the most exciting thing about a record is its cover, we’ve got issues. Total waste of time.