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Day 304: Slow Club – Paradise

29 Dec

Two Cousins

If you’ve heard Slow Club’s debut record (the awesome Yeah So) then you know what I was expecting coming into this album.  That record is packed to the brim with catchy guitar riffs, engaging vocals, and a fun back-and-forth routine performed by the band’s two members.

Sophomore efforts are frequently disappointing, and understandably so.  Years and years of work often go into debut albums, while the second record—if the first did well enough—is sometimes written and recorded in the back of a tour van.

Unfortunately, Slow Club follows this annoying trend.  Paradise just doesn’t pack all that much of a punch, with only a few tracks that I would consider listening to again. It doesn’t compare to Yeah So, which, for the most part, is really good.   

The album opener, for example, had my lady-friend and me saying “what the crap?”  “Two Cousins” is a catastrophe of a song that goes on for about three minutes and 50 seconds too long.  Perhaps I’m being a little too judgmental here, but you can’t start off an album with a song that really should be filler.  In this ADHD-tastic society, bands need to open things up with a bang.  Or a whimper, that slowly turns into a bang.  At the very least, a whimper that leads into a bang of a second track.  “Two Cousins” does none of these things, and the rest of the record follows suit.

It’s never a good thing when you’re bored while listening to a record.  Unfortunately, Slow Club was unable to keep the magic going, as Paradise falls flat on its face.