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Day 303: Steel Pulse – True Democracy

28 Dec

Your House

Maybe I’m being extra ignorant right now—it wouldn’t be the first time—but I can’t take politically-charged messages in reggae music seriously.  Throughout the entirety of Steel Pulse’s True Democracy, for some reason, I found myself thinking things along the lines of “that’s cute, but I’m going to go back to ignoring the lyrics, and writing this post now.”  I guess I do that with pretty much every genre that I’m not familiar with, though.  I can really only focus on one thing at a time while writing these gems, and that one thing is definitely not going to be the politics of a record.

And this music still sounds pretty sweet, even when you ignore the messages within.  Considering that my only exposure to reggae other than The Lonely Island’s “Ras Trent,” has been one or two albums for The Swole, it’s a sound that hasn’t lost its initial novelty to me yet.  Will I like it after that wears off?  I can’t say.  But for now, I’m pretty happy.

My favorite thing about reggae is its consummate even temper.  Steel Pulse never feels the need to go on a musical tantrum by throwing out a two minute song at 400 beats per minute.  Conversely, nothing ever gets to that too-slow-to-listen-to level either.  Everything is always at this perfect, sunny, kind-of-quick tempo, with these calm vocals that make you wish you were chilling by the beach.  Maybe it’s better for me to keep ignoring the lyrics—ignorance is bliss, after all.