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Day 330: Earth, Wind & Fire – That’s the Way of the World

24 Jan

Yearnin’ Learnin’

A few weeks ago, my father sent me an email with five picks for upcoming Dad Rock Tuesdays.  On a list loaded with punk records, it was only natural that I left a record by Earth, Wind & Fire until the last possible moment.  They’re no punk band, and, as we all know, my forays into soul music have not been too successful, regardless of whether or not they were encouraged by my dad.

It may be the large quantity of uninventive punk music that I’ve been subjected to for the past few Tuesdays, but I’m actually liking this record. That’s the Way of the World opens with “Shining Star,” a song that we’ve all heard a million times before.  However, I, probably like a lot of you, have never actually sat down and listened to the song.  This is a track that’s usually pumped into my ears in unnatural contexts (commercials, grocery stores, cheesy montages).  I failed to realize that it’s a really good tune, and, at risk of taking a bit of heat for using this upcoming adjective, it’s pretty catchy.

There’s plenty to like about this album beyond that one hit. Whether going on a rant (the content of which I didn’t really listen to, although I assume it’s about love) on “All About Love,” or just engaging in a 5-minute jam bender on “Africano,” Earth, Wind & Fire have a really clean and clear sound that can’t make you mad.  I just wish our modern indie rock bass players could do it like these guys do.