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Day 147: The B-52’s – The B-52’s

25 Jul

Rock Lobster

I love it when people suggest weird music for me.  Honestly, that’s what keeps me going.  So if you know of any off-kilter artists or bands, then by all means, hit me up.

The B-52’s make some weird music.  You know that song called Rock Lobster? The one about a lobster that rocks? Of course you do.  Well that’s on this record.

The strange lyrics and twee-esque instrumentation isn’t unique to that track, though.  The band’s eponymous self-titled debut has a lot to like for fans of that songNo, not every tune is a clone of that infamous one, but they all have a similar kitsch-ness to them.

The B-52’s is definitely more lyric-based than anything.  Of what their lyrics are about, I remain uncertain.  The point is that it’s the words that take center stage on this record.  It’s the fact that I’m not entirely sure what the lyrics are about that makes them so good.  If I understood what was going on between the lines of Rock Lobster, I’m not sure it’d be as awesome.  Or maybe I’m reading too far into this, and it really is just about a musical crustacean…

Anyway, weird lyrics are what give this band its strange, unconventional, but charming sound.  It’s almost as if they’re a predecessor for all the weird indie bands that were to follow in The B-52’s footsteps.  Strange has become the standard in today’s indie scene, so it’s interesting to hear strange from when it was actually strange.