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Day 202: Foster the People – Torches

18 Sep

Pumped Up Kicks

Live shows are extremely important for small bands.  If an up and coming group can’t hold its own live, then it won’t last another month.  Conversely, if a band with bad studio material puts on a fun show, they may be able to find some success (see Best Coast).  But once a band gets past a certain level of notoriety, all of that goes out the window.  Foster the People have gotten so big, so quickly, that the fairly boring concert that I saw them put on at Lollapalooza has done nothing to deter their rise to the indie top.

All I had heard of Foster the People before I saw them at Lolla was their massive single, Pumped Up Kicks.  I thought the song was good enough, but not nearly as innovative as everyone else seemed to think.  There’s no denying that it’s catchy, though, so I decided to give their live show a try.  What happened next is why, no matter how good an LP Torches may or may not be, I will never be a fan of Foster the People.

Their midday set on a side stage was one of the most lackluster performances I have ever seen.  The guys just seemed bored up there, and quite possibly extremely hung over.  Listening to Torches brought me straight back to that moment.  I just can’t find anything good about this generic indie pop, as all I can think about is that terribly unenthusiastic show, and how annoying it was to be sweating profusely and dying of dehydration, all to see a band that obviously didn’t care about me.

Foster the People don’t need to care about me anymore.  That show was absolutely packed.  They’ve established a fan base, and for the time being there will always be a million other people who want to see them play.  Good for them, I guess.