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Day 144: Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

22 Jul


That’s right, I had never listened to Joy Division before this.  Don’t judge; that’s what this blog is for.  It seems that every hipster and their grandmother swears by Unknown Pleasures, so I figured I needed to check it out.

I’ll be honest, I don’t effing get it.  Guys, wake up.  This record is boring.  Yeah, it’s got some unconventional vocals that you know I’m a fan of by now, but those alone are not enough to get me to like Unknown Pleasures.  I know that the singer is supposed to sound all dramatic and full of emotion and what not, but his deep drawl is just really freaking dull.  Yes, he committed suicide, but we can’t like music just because of that.

These guys do remind me of The National (who I am aware did come much later, but I have to compare new stuff to stuff that I already know), but that is not a good thing in this case.  The National have some really boring tracks; like some of the most uninteresting music that one can listen to.  It’s as if Unknown Pleasures is comprised of that stuff, and only that stuff.

I will hand it to them; that album cover is pretty cool.  That’s about as much interest as I can muster for this record, though.

So guess what, we have here yet another occurrence of the masses worshipping the works of an old hyped band.  I’m going to have to go all Plato on your collective asses, and bring you out of the cave of crappy music.  Come see the light with me.