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Day 153: YACHT – See Mystery Lights

31 Jul

Psychic City

I was called out in the comment section of yesterday’s Foxy Shazam post.  Essentially, I was brutally attacked because of the double standards that I place on the music that I listen to.  I sometimes dislike music for having “perfect vocals,” while I’ll let some with this quality slide right past my critical eagle eyes.  What do I have to say to this, as well as to my dissenters, you may ask?

Haters gon hate.

Now, as for the reason that this blog exists: a seventeen-year-old wanted to do something with his love of music, and may have gotten himself in a bit over his head.  Not willing to back down, he types the first thing that comes into his head while listening to these records, with no regard for anything else that he’s ever written.

See, he’s willing to use stuff like this to take up half of a post.

Anyway.  YACHT.

Indie bands are (slowly) moving away from the guitar-dominated rock sound that they’ve had since lord knows when.  Some purists say nay to this movement, but I say bring it on.  Sure, (looking back on my initial dislike of LCD Soundsystem) I don’t always love this new type of music, but it takes a fairly special or well-done rock album these days for me not to be bored.

When this new music is good, it can be really interesting.  So far, we’ve got groups like tUnE-yArDs, Baths, and now YACHT.  All three of these acts would have sounded extremely out of place ten years ago in the garage rock dominated scene, but they’re finding themselves accepted today.

This record is completely electronic; even samples of recognizable instruments are fairly limited.  It’s got a unique sound, and it’s fairly hard to describe, so the blanket statement of “electronic” is going to have to work. Deal wit it.