Day 282: Ratatat – Ratatat

7 Dec

El Pico

[Author’s note: this post was originally mistitled as “Day 283.”  It has since been corrected–I promise that I’m not trying to cheat y’all out of any Swole.]

So some of you may have pointed out (via the always hilarious comment section) that it may be time for me to break free of the indiesphere.  In nicer words, I’ve been told that I’m now listening to tunes so awful, and so completely random, that I need to spread my wings and explore what ever else the wide world of music has to offer me.

That sounds great and all, but it won’t be happening today.  I’ll be honest, it’s records like Ratatat’s Ratatat that keep my feet firmly planted in indie-opolis.  But, by all means, if y’all have suggestions for records that will expand my musical knowledge and appreciation, then leave a comment or shoot me an email at swole.ear[at]gmail[dot]com.  I know I’ve been pretty loose with getting around to recs in the past, but as this project begins to wind down, I think it’d be good for me to accomplish one of the things that I originally intended—expand my appreciation of music.

Anyway, this record is a testament to the fact that I haven’t listened to all of the good and inventive indie stuff out there.  Mostly made up of instrumentals, the dudes on the cover showcase their wide array of talent—which definitely extends beyond a bass and guitar—for eleven relaxed, jam-tastic, spacey, catchy songs.  I’ve been told that Ratatat puts on a crazy live show, but I just don’t see how that’d be possible.  This stuff is so calm and even-tempoed, the last thing I’d want to do while listening to it is mosh.


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